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"Specializing in Special Needs (All - Abilities) Photography in Ontario, Canada"

Hello, my name is Kara Halonen. I am from the Oshawa area of Ontario, Canada and I am the mother of two young girls that live with autism. I know by experience how stressful, overwhelming, and difficult it can be as special needs parents to find a professional family and children photographer that understands the needs of our child(ren). I am doing this to capture the beauty and joy of our children that we sometimes miss in all the chaos that is our everyday lives.

I understand that you need more time, (I give a longer time frame), choosing a limited number of images, (I give all final edited images), and the possibility of having to do retakes, (I provide free retakes) and all at affordable prices, all of this can become overly stressful, therefore as your special needs professional photographer we can work together with time, patience, compassion and understanding to achieve those family pictures you always dreamed of having at affordable rates.

(5% of Proceeds Goes to Grandview Kids)

Become an "ADVOCATING Ambassadors" family and children

I look forward to working with your family!

Contact me at:


KARA HALONEN - Professional Photographer

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Serving all of Durham Region and the surrounding areas of Ontario, Canada - Willing to Travel | Tel: 905 447- 2933

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